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Genre: Electronic
Performer: Various
Title: Room For Seconds
Style: Industrial, Techno, Abstract, Rhythmic Noise, IDM, Deep House, Noise, Ambient, Breakbeat, Electro, Experimental
Date of release: 2009
MP3 album size: 1916 mb
FLAC album size: 1255 mb
Digital formats: APE TTA MP4 MP2 AU MOD MMF

Taken from the album 'Muse Breaks' by J. Viewz. Lyrics: Another light A newer smile It's glowing now We can be together Time forgives Would you forget? Make room for me Make room for sweets.

Известные производители в одном магазине. Шоу-рум дизайнерской мебели! · Акции и скидки · Эксклюзивный дизайн · Качество и красота

The 7 Seconds album continued their musical experimentation. The band broke free in 1995 with The Music, The Message, moving back somewhat into their roots. The Music, The Message was released on Sony (BMI), the first release on a major label throughout the band's history. Earlier material was on various homegrown labels, completely self-produced, or put out on Kevin Seconds own label, Positive Force Records (AKA United Front), before BYO Records housed them. However, the band returned to an old-school hardcore sound in 1999 with the Good to Go album.

Album · 2010 · 18 Songs. Funwari Piano-Jazz In Your Room. Smooth Jazz Meets Hit Music "22 Selections". Beautiful Night of Christmas "Eve Selection" (Smooth Jazz). pure dream & piano-jazz in your room. kilatto piano-jazz in your room.

The album debuted with 142,000 equivalent album units and of that sum, 117,000 were in traditional album sales according to Nielsen Music. With the album debuting at number one, it makes 5 Seconds of Summer the first Australian act with three number one albums on the Billboard 200. Youngblood Q&A.

Youngblood 5 Seconds Of Summer to stream in hi-fi, or to download in True CD Quality on Qobuz. Or listen to our entire catalogue with our high-quality unlimited streaming subscriptions. depending on your needs. Zero DRM. The downloaded files belong to you, without any usage limit. You can download them as many times as you like.

Various Artists - Nenormalizm X Progolog. de. 01. Unter den Linden - k1op (03:00). 02. Yrrow - Strength and Grace of The Deer (02:01). Living Room Visions Compilation: Summer 2012. 03. Various Artists - Adderall Canyonly - Krebs Cycling (02:44). 04. Various Artists - Public Spreads the News - Seabird (01:20).

Summary: The debut full-length release for the Australian pop-punk quartet includes songs co-written with Yellowcard's Ryan Key, Boys Like Girls' Martin Johnson, All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth, Goldfinger's John Feldmann and Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden.

Nevertheless, the single and the accompanying album managed to achieve their primary goals: to draw attention to South Africa's racist policy of apartheid and to support a cultural boycott of the country. It was completely successful, and that's such a rare thing," says Sun City organizer and coproducer Steve "Little Steven" Van Zandt, who rallied dozens of top rock, funk, rap and jazz acts to work on the project. Rather than performing the song himself, however, he considered using artists from various genres to sing one verse each, hoping to break down musical separatism in the United States as well as apartheid in South Africa. There I was using five seconds on the song, and I thought, 'I can't leave six minutes of Miles on the floor!' So we got Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and Ron Carter and put together a jazz version.

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MP3-1 AHTICTAP But Let Me Tell You, All 0:01
MP3-2 AHTICTAP Still, We'Re Gonna Resist 0:01
MP3-3 AHTICTAP Still, You Wanna Treat Us Like Hot-Dogs 0:01
MP3-4 AHTICTAP Tools And Fire We Are Spitting 0:01
MP3-5 AHTICTAP We Won't Sell Our Souls For Your Dog Bills 0:01
MP3-6 Assholemouthead 1 0:01
MP3-7 Assholemouthead 2 0:01
MP3-8 Assholemouthead 3 0:01
MP3-9 Assholemouthead 4 0:01
MP3-10 Assholemouthead 5 0:01
MP3-11 Audio Peter Hackfresse 0:01
MP3-12 Bastard Child 1 0:01
MP3-13 Bastard Child 2 0:01
MP3-14 Bastard Child 3 0:01
MP3-15 Bastard Child 4 0:01
MP3-16 Bastard Child 5 0:01
MP3-17 Black Girlfriend Fuck* Crack 0:01
MP3-18 Blackgirlfriend Dat Ass 0:01
MP3-19 Bullshit Market Quips.. Whips 0:01
MP3-20 Chasing Stupid Destroy 0:01
MP3-21 Cro Magnum Fuck Ya Life Homie 0:01
MP3-22 Cro Magnum Glock To Ya Head Remix 0:01
MP3-23 Descalator Fzbd 0:01
MP3-24 Descalator Zdbf 0:01
ogg-25 Eagle Lounge Gorchi Ghost Of The Necron 0:01
ogg-26 Eagle Lounge Gorchi Ghost Of The Necon II - Hooded Monkey Lampr 0:01
ogg-27 Eagle Lounge Gorchi Ghost Of The Necon II - Rise Of The Necron 0:01
ogg-28 Eagle Lounge Gorchi Ghost Of The Necon II - Seal Rubber Breaking 0:01
ogg-29 Eagle Lounge Gorchi Ghost Of The Necon II - Venom Titans 0:01
MP3-30 Electronic M Energy 0:01
MP3-31 Endometrium Cuntplow X 0:01
MP3-32 Endometrium Cuntplow XX 0:01
MP3-33 Endometrium Cuntplow XXX 0:01
MP3-34 Endometrium Cuntplow XXXX 0:01
MP3-35 Endometrium Cuntplow XXXXX 0:01
MP3-36 Evgenij V Kharitonov* Ad 0:01
MP3-37 Evgenij V Kharitonov* Au 0:01
MP3-38 Evgenij V Kharitonov* Da 0:01
MP3-39 Evgenij V Kharitonov* Da Ad DADA 0:01
MP3-40 Evgenij V Kharitonov* DADA 0:01
MP3-41 Fat Chicks We'Re Sad 0:01
WAV-42 Flat Affect 1 0:01
MP3-43 Flat Affect 2 0:01
MP3-44 Flat Affect 3 0:01
MP3-45 Flat Affect 4 0:01
MP3-46 Flat Affect 5 0:01
MP3-47 Fuckmaker Make The Fucks! 0:01
MP3-48 Gert 250* One Second Of Your Life 0:01
MP3-49 Graffiti Mechanism Infra-Chop 0:01
MP3-50 Graffiti Mechanism Noise Will Be Noise 0:01
MP3-51 Graffiti Mechanism Proc-Records 0:01
MP3-52 Graffiti Mechanism Sex Will Be Sex 0:01
MP3-53 Hakin Basar Gammelfleisch 0:01
WAV-54 Herman Bilderberg 250's 0:01
MP3-55 Herman Bilderberg Jimi 0:01
MP3-56 Herman Bilderberg Mabao's Rage 0:01
MP3-57 Herman Bilderberg Track 24 (Remix) 0:01
MP3-58 Herman Cannibal Gluttoness Bite 0:01
MP3-59 Herman Cannibal Gluttoness Chew 0:01
MP3-60 Herman Cannibal Gluttoness Repeat 0:01
MP3-61 Herman Cannibal Gluttoness Swallow 0:01
MP3-62 iNSTANT PANCAKEs Killah Kvlt Leada 0:01
MP3-63 Kai Nobuko Puppet Obama On Strings 0:01
MP3-64 Kai Nobuko You Didn't Use A Condom 0:01
MP3-65 Krakenti Ad2 0:01
MP3-66 Krakenti Ad3 0:01
MP3-67 Krakenti Ad 0:01
MP3-68 Krakenti Chew 0:01
MP3-69 Let's Go Get Some Coke And Whores! Fuckzthabitches 0:01
MP3-70 MASTER TOAD! Decouvrir 0:01
MP3-71 MASTER TOAD! Pouvez 0:01
MP3-72 MASTER TOAD! Seul 0:01
MP3-73 MASTER TOAD! Vous 0:01
MP3-74 MASTER TOAD! Vous-Meme 0:01
MP3-75 Microbit Project La Pelicula De Gangster 0:01
MP3-76 Microbit Project La Pelicula De Gangster 001 0:01
MP3-77 Microbit Project La Pelicula De Gangster 002 0:01
MP3-78 Microbit Project La Pelicula De Gangster 003 0:01
MP3-79 Microbit Project La Pelicula De Gangster 004 0:01
MP3-80 Midi Fister Can't Touch Me 0:01
MP3-81 Midi Fister Erase My Brain 0:01
MP3-82 Midi Fister French Dressing 0:01
MP3-83 Midi Fister Oink Oink Motherfucker 0:01
MP3-84 Midi Fister This Used To Mean Something 0:01
MP3-85 Mr.Dee Untitled 01 0:01
MP3-86 Mr.Dee Untitled 02 0:01
MP3-87 Mr.Dee Untitled 03 0:01
MP3-88 Mr.Dee Untitled 04 0:01
MP3-89 Mr.Dee Untitled 05 0:01
MP3-90 Native Americans Yes We Cunt 0:01
MP3-91 Origami Repetika E 0:01
MP3-92 Origami Repetika G 0:01
MP3-93 Origami Repetika L 0:01
MP3-94 Origami Repetika O 0:01
MP3-95 Poliwhirl Sedate You 0:01
MP3-96 Poliwhirl Shiny Pokemons 0:01
MP3-97 Poliwhirl Yoko Oh No 0:01
MP3-98 Pollux Death 0:01
MP3-99 Pollux Disease 0:01
MP3-100 Pollux Fear 0:01
MP3-101 Pollux Insomnia 0:01
MP3-102 Pollux Stress 0:01
MP3-103 Pregnant At 16 Flatchest Afterbirth 0:01
MP3-104 Pregnant At 61* Sagass Waterbroke 0:01
MP3-105 RedSK 5cott8l41ne Hhhahyiyyhyyh 0:01
MP3-106 RedSK AarkkkvdvdRvkr 0:01
MP3-107 RedSK Bleuuuurgrggrg 0:01
MP3-108 RedSK Kdgbrgrgr Ooioiojk;;kj;kkll 0:01
MP3-109 RedSK Klokikikk Vrrrgribr 0:01
MP3-110 RedSK And The Violence Cotton Drone It's Alright 0:01
MP3-111 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 01 0:01
MP3-112 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 02 0:01
MP3-113 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 03 0:01
MP3-114 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 04 0:01
MP3-115 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 05 0:01
MP3-116 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 06 0:01
MP3-117 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 07 0:01
MP3-118 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 08 0:01
MP3-119 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 09 0:01
MP3-120 Robotic Joe Bubble-Bee 10 0:01
MP3-121 Sample Rate Panda Wireless Controller 0:01
WAV-122 Sascha Müller Loop City Part I 0:01
WAV-123 Sascha Müller Loop City Part II 0:01
WAV-124 Sascha Müller Loop City Part III 0:01
WAV-125 Sascha Müller Loop City Part IIII 0:01
WAV-126 Spfnk Fuck The CIA 0:01
WAV-127 Spfnk Fuckin 0:01
WAV-128 Spfnk Jesus Swallow My Snot 0:01
WAV-129 Spfnk Science 0:01
WAV-130 Spfnk Terrorist! 0:01
MP3-131 SSxhxhxvt FffffFfkvvvvkkKK ;;i;i;ixxX Fuck You 0:01
MP3-132 teh soup rebellion Drugs Song (Yeah And A RedSK Remix)
Remix – RedSK
MP3-133 Toxic Chicken I Didn't Tell Your Mother 0:01
MP3-134 Toxic Chicken She Is A Fat Lady 0:01
MP3-135 Toxic Chicken You Broke My Heart Dear Cow 0:01
MP3-136 Violence Cotton Drone Bitchass 0:01
MP3-137 Violence Cotton Drone Choppa Cham 0:01
MP3-138 Violence Cotton Drone Drdrrrkrkri 0:01
MP3-139 Violence Cotton Drone Fuckdamnnnnn 0:01
MP3-140 VWT Blood Fizz 0:01
MP3-141 VWT Occular Maggot Therapy 0:01
MP3-142 VWT One Man Rave In A Woodshed 0:01
MP3-143 VWT Weirding Module Malfunction 0:01
MP3-144 VWT You Suffer 0:01
MP3-145 Zoo Blot Burnin' Dub 0:01
MP3-146 Zoo Blot Burnin' Hub 0:01
MP3-147 Zoo Blot Burnin Liquid Fire 0:01
MP3-148 Zoo Blot Burnin' What! 0:01
MP3-149 Zoo Blot Burnin' Zoo Blot 0:01


All Tracks Are Only 1 Seconds Long!
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