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Genre: Other
Performer: Swans
Title: To Be Kind
Date of release: 2014
MP3 album size: 1225 mb
FLAC album size: 1626 mb

0:00 Screen Shot 8:04 Just a Little Boy (for Chester Burnett) 20:44 A Little God in My Hands 27:52 Bring The Sun Toussaint L'Ouverture 1:01:58 Some Things.

Where the hell is rock going?

Покупайте и продавайте винил и компакт-диски, формируйте собственную коллекцию записей Swans.

To Be Kind is the thirteenth studio album by American experimental rock band Swans, released on May 12, 2014. Critical reception of the album was very positive, continuing a string of well-received albums from the band

Produced by Michael Gira. To be kind, to be kind To be kind, to be kind To be kind, to be kind To be real, to be new To be sung by a song that's untrue The falling sun, the fallen one In a bed, painted blue, touching you Listening, just listening To the rain, to the wind, in the field To be kind, to. be kind To be lost, in a bed, touching you To be lost, to be lost To be found in the sound of this room. Last song on To Be Kind. It embodies the feeling and experience of being a child. It remembers the innocent perspective of a kid, the days before one realizes the true nature of the world. Michael sees this innocence as a beautiful thing, it’s own artistic expression, like a song. To Be Kind" Track Info.

Swans were hardly the first 1980s underground-rock fixtures to resurface in the new millennium, and they’re not the only ones who've resisted the nostalgic trappings of reunion tours to make a respectable showing as a rebooted recording act. But they are the rare band of their vintage who seem less concerned with living up to or building upon a past legacy than establishing a completely different on. The relationship between the two albums can essentially be gauged by their respective album covers. Though there’s a similarity in composition, To Be Kind ’s artwork trades The Seer’ s dark shadows for a bright mustard tone, and the central feral-dog figure for cute baby faces (as rendered in a series of six by .

Swans are a band on a roll. To Be Kind is this years first masterpiece. A stunning, sprawling record that stands tall in a yer surrounded by the yapping mice of attention seeking chancers, a stunning work of art in a gallery of fools and the totem release in a year that’s also full of intriguingly ground breaking records

Gira's vision is a bit less dark in the 21st century than it was during the Swans' first run in the '80s and '90s, with fewer lyrical images of rage and torment, but he's no less intense as he barks and howls his lyrics of life in a fallen world, and his music is every bit as physically. powerful and challenging.

We (Swans) have recently completed our new album. It is called To Be Kind. The release date is set for May 13, 2014. The album was produced by me, and it was recorded by the venerable John Congleton at Sonic Ranch, outside El Paso Texas, and further recordings and mixing were accomplished at John’s studio in Dallas, Texas. A good portion of the material for this album was developed live during the Swans tours of 2012/13. Much of the music was otherwise conjured in the studio environment. The recordings and entire process of this album were generously and perhaps vaingloriously funded by Swans supporters through our auspices at younggodrecords. com via the release of a special, handmade 2xCD live album entitled Not Here, Not Now.

Lyrics to the Full Album on one page). Love, child, reach, rise Sight, blind, steal, light Mind, scar, clear, fire Clean, right, pure, kind Sun, come, sky, tar Mouth, sand, teeth, tongue Cut, push, reach, inside Feed, breathe, touch, come. No pain, no death, no fear, no hate No time, no now, no suffering No touch, no loss, no hand, no sense No wound, no waste, no lust, no fear No mind, no greed, no suffering No thought, no hurt, no hands to reach No knife, no words, no lie, no cure No need, no hate, no will, no speech No dream, no.

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